Why Vegemite Is Bad For You

Published: 17th January 2011
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I subscribe to a good number of newsletters, some from physicians, some from financial experts (if there is such a thing) and I get a number of health and fitness letters. Lately the health and fitness

dudes (and dudettes) have been sounding the alarm bell over all kinds of food. The raw foodists would like us to believe that it's actually fun to eat dates wrapped in kale leaves. Vegans and other vegheads would like us to believe that meat, poultry and seafood are some sort of poison.

This morning, a fitness guy wrote about how terrible beer is, even though he has packed away his fair share of the malted beverage. First of all, there isn't anything wrong with eating dates wrapped

in raw kale leaves, if you can stomach that kind of thing. Personally, I like dates, but the thought of wrapping them in raw kale leaves makes my stomach flip-flop. I've gone a few days, here and there, without any meat, poultry, or seafood. It didn't do anything for me and I probably won't do it again. On the subject of alcohol, I'm not and never have been, much of a drinker. I used to enjoy an occasional glass of (expensive) champagne, but alcohol just doesn't have much appeal for me.

But beer, in and of itself, isn't bad for you. (I can hear all the anti-yeast people growling already.) If you want to have a beer, now and then, go ahead. Now...downing a six pack, or twelve pack, of beer on a regular basis isn't good for you. But common sense should tell you that, without some fitness guru screaming "FIRE" in a crowded theater.

Something tells me I should be against something, other than anything Obama related.

So here it is: I think you should stay away from Vegemite. You may be asking, just what the hell is Vegemite? And lucky for you, I have the answer readily available.

Vegemite is a yeast extract spread, sold in Australia. Vegemite is considered as much a part of Australia's heritage as the kangaroo. It is actually an Aussie obsession that has become a unique and

loved symbol of the nation.

Vegemite is made from leftover brewers' yeast extract, which is a byproduct of beer manufacturing. Various spices and vegetables are added to the product. It has a dark reddish brown color and it's one

of the richest sources of vitamin B. It is very thick, like our own peanut butter and it tastes like sh*t, which is strictly a personal opinion and bound to outrage most all Aussies.

It should be easy for you to stay away from Vegemite, because it's extremely hard to find, here in the states.

But it gives me something to recommend that you stay away from, so I can be just like all the other gurus. The fact that it tastes like crap makes me feel like I'm doing you a particularly good service.

If you want to try the dates and kale thing, that's okay. Just stay near the porcelain, once that starts rumbling through your digestive tract.

If you have trouble getting that dates and kale down, put a little soy on it, and wash it down with a beer.

And wear only non-leather shoes.

And consult Ed Begley Jr., before you do any work around the house.

Dr. Bill is an orthopaedic surgeon and author. He recommends this pharmaceutical grade fish oil for more energy, reduced joint pain and increased heart health.

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